Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Entrance Mats

You can extend the life of mats that you have purchased for your commercial spaces. Take a look at the Entrance Mats page to see all of the styles, types, and colors that are available. These are some ways to maintain your mats in top condition.

Keep It Clean

Different mats require different cleaning methods. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Some mats can be washed in a washer, while others can be hosed off.

Mats that are dirty look horrible. It is best to have multiple mats so that you can easily change them out if one gets dirty or wet.

Wash the mats as soon as they are clean. Do not store mats that are dirty and then wash them six months later.

Allow Them To Dry Before Storing Them

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You can dry some mats in a commercial dryer. Do not put the mats away until they are completely dry.

Place Them

Make sure you rotate your mats when you lay them down so that they do not remain in the same orientation. You may notice that one side of your mat wears faster than the other. Your mats should be worn evenly.

Keep Them Clean

When they aren’t in use, assign a place for them and keep them there. Mats that have been stored well will last longer than mats that are thrown in the pile and where forklifts frequently drive over them.

Keep in mind the main reasons you purchased entrance mats: they protect the flooring beneath, keep water, dirt, and other debris from being tracked throughout the premises, they prevent slips, trips, and falls which can be dangerous for both your health and your business.

If you buy beautiful mats, make sure you do everything you can to maintain their beauty and prolong their life. Your business’ image is affected if your mats are worn out and dirty. Your mats should solve problems, not create them. Carefully maintained mats will last a lifetime.

Effective entrance mats are essential for your facility

A good entrance mat system is essential for every facility. Entrance mats have many benefits that can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Entrance mats are best for keeping dirt, moisture, bacteria out of a building. The feet of the occupants are where most soil gets into a building. Cleaning companies and custodial staff ensure that facilities are kept clean. Mats can stop the problem at its source. It is costly to maintain your floors and flooring. Dirty and debris can cause staining and scratching as well as other issues. The floor surface is protected from dirt and grime by interior mats and entrance mats. It is much cheaper to replace a mat than a floor or carpet.

The appearance of an entranceway can be brightened by mats. When someone enters a building, the first thing they see is the mat. It creates the first impression. Design and decoration cost a lot in facilities.

Savings can be huge when you own your mat system. It may sound like a great way to save money and avoid major capital expenditures. The cost of renting mats over time may be much higher than the cost of durable mats from reputable manufacturers.

RugsĀ  are the centerpiece of the facility. You can have custom logo rugs and color schemes to enhance the entranceway of any building while welcoming guests inside.


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