It is quite obvious that racing a race car is thrilling and great fun. It will happen quickly, you can be certain. The driving experience is made up of many different things. Some are simpler than others.



Unless you are looking at the speedometer from off-course. Only at the end or halfway down a long straight is there a chance to see the speedometer. The straights can be used to let your mind relax after being subjected to G forces from all directions. Race cars’ top speeds are often slower than the road cars that they are based upon because they generate so much down force.


Depending upon the WEATHER, you may sweat or sweat a lot

A sunny day without clouds means that the track will be in top condition and the tires will heat faster. This means that you’ll be sweating enough for a bath. Race cars have no AC and windows that can’t be closed. The tires emit heat which will be transferred into the cockpit.

Avoid wearing sweaters and jackets. You’ll regret it in two corners. While it may look nice in photos, raising your balaclava over your mouth will only make it hotter. Race cars are one of the most exciting and fun saunas around.



The average supercar can reach speeds of more than 300 Km/h or 180 Mph. It also has over 500 horsepower. This car is the most common when people think about fast cars. So how is it possible for a 370 Horsepower Ginetta to keep up with a Porsche 911 GT2 RS that’s 700 Horsepower without any problems? Because race cars can be more like a race car than any other road vehicle.

Supercars can be driven to the track, meaning they have road-legal tires. They are no match for regular semi-slick tires on regular race cars. The race car has brakes, aero, and suspension that are in another league, which more than compensates for its lack of top speed.



You will be struck by how light the driver-side door feels when you open it. This is because it doesn’t have any reinforcement, which road cars should have in case they crash. The tube-frame chassis, or carbon monocoque tub will protect you from a Tbone crash.

However, it does create a small barrier between your seat and the driver’s side. It’s so fragile that it’s best to avoid leaning on it. If you try to go in head first, you will hit your head on the racing seat headrest.

To get into a race car, you should use the roof to support your legs, then sit on the carbon tub. Then slide into the racing chair.



There are many things to be aware of and look out for when racing a car. Even though the cars behind you are miles away, you still have control of the road. Braking points, cornering gear, tire temperature, tire pressure, etc. It all happens in your mind.

It’s important to know what the other driver is going to do when you finally catch up with traffic. On a track day, it’s not so extreme as most drivers are aware of their rearview mirrors.

It can be helpful to have an experienced instructor beside you to guide you and give you advice because they have professional knowledge about car parts, BTR products, and all about racing. It’s better to start slowly and increase your speed gradually.


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