These are 4 great tips to help you sell your auto faster!

Sometimes it can be difficult to sell an old car. However, i will share 4 great tips with you to get the best price for your vehicle and sell it faster. I have owned over 100 cars in my lifetime and yes they had to go. I hope you find this helpful.

Auto selling tip #1 Clean your vehicle! You would think that everyone would know how to do this, but it is surprising at how many people don’t know how to properly do this simple task. You mean clean it like it’s your first time. Wash it, wax it, vacuum it, do the windows, clean the engine, and clean the wheels/rims. It is important to think like your buyer. They are going to spend a lot of money on an automobile and want the best value. People love their cars and would like to be in a clean, new car. It would be right. You would be right.

Auto selling tip #2 Know the market value of your vehicle. This will allow you to be realistic about what you should expect to get for it. You can search online and local classifieds to find the best deals. Also, you might check out the blue-book value. Keep in mind that the market will dictate the price of your car. This is where the first tip can be of great help.

Auto selling tip #3 Be clear about what you want from your car before you list it for sale. Consider this: If you are looking for $10,000 for your car, you might want it to be listed for $11,000. People love bargains so make them one! This is. I cannot count how many times I have not called someone who uses the word firm in an ad. It makes sense to allow any market to call your car. Don’t tell them your lowest price. Let them see your car and then negotiate.

Auto selling tip #4 I’m going to show you a technique that’s …. At the edge of good taste. Let’s get started. When someone calls your auto, use the line “oh, were you one of those that called already on that, I have a lot of messages to return and just wondered whether you had ever called back” This will make them believe you have a hot product and that others are interested in it. It will create an urgency for them come see the auto. I know that this is a little too extreme, sorry. It is extremely effective.

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