3 Nightmares of Children’s Entertainers and How To Avoid Them

Booking children’s entertainers to entertain your child at their birthday party can feel like playing Russian roulette. You don’t always know what you’re getting until it’s too late. It is hard to imagine a more disappointing birthday party than one where a child is disappointed. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do anything about this if the entertainer is incompetent.

There are many people on the internet offering services such as children’s entertainers or birthday entertainers. But how do you know if they are good at what they do. Unfortunately, there is not a governing body or regulation to complain about a children’s entertainer. This means that you must do your research before you make a booking.

Nightmare 1

You surf the internet and find the entertainer that suits your needs. Then you call them and everything seems in order. You are shocked to discover that the entertainer who shows up at your party is not the one you had booked.

This is not a common situation. There are entertainers who take on too much work or double book, and then they subcontract the show to a friend or colleague. You end up with someone who doesn’t know you. This nightmare can be avoided by asking the entertainer directly. Also, get the booking confirmed in written form with a contract. Make sure that the entertainer’s name is on the contract.

Nightmare 2

The entertainer does not show up for the event or cancels the booking.

Unfortunately, there are people who are just looking to make a quick buck in the children’s entertainment industry. If they have an offer that is better than your agreement, they will cancel your booking and accept the higher-paying gig. You may find yourself without an entertainer, or you are forced to hire one quickly.

This is why it is important to have a written agreement in place when you book. Professional children’s entertainers will issue a contract that confirms what is offered. This acts as protection for both the entertainer and you. If the entertainer fails to deliver, you can appeal through the courts.

Ask for references and follow up on them to ensure that your entertainer is trustworthy. Professional children’s entertainers should have testimonials. Take the time to review them before you make a decision to book.

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